One of our goals at LWEFC is to place each couple or individual into a small fellowship group that meets to study the Bible, pray, socialize, and encourage one another. We believe small groups are a wonderful way to develop community and deep relationships for those who call Lake Wisconsin Church their home. Small groups meet throughout the week in different areas in and around the Lake Wisconsin area and most groups go through the weekly sermon discussion questions. Most small groups are focused on bringing together people in a certain community (i.e. Lodi, Poynette, Dane...etc.) or people in a similar life stage but all are welcome to join any small group that works best with their schedule. If you are interested in joining one of these small groups, one of the pastors would love to assist you in the process.  Through our small group approach, "church happens throughout the week, and "ministry" regularly happens outside of our building.


If you would like to join a small group, use this contact form to email us.  Once we have received it, we will work with you to find a small group that meets when and where you are available!

N1640 Ryan Road | Lodi, WI 53555